Mischa Barton Hits the Scary Skinny List

Posted by Chrissie on February 24th, 2009


It seems like not that long ago when we were making some noise about Mischa Barton packing on the pounds. She was looking a little heavy in the thighs at one point, but seeing her now, I wonder if it was just a poor wardrobe choice on her part on that particular occasion. Either way, she must have heard the world wide noise on her new weight gain, as she has whittled it off in record time.

In fact, her recent weight loss has happened SO fast, that Mischa is heading towards the scary skinny list at record breaking speed. But if you ask her, she will quickly tell you not to worry about her, that she is doing just fine and there is nothing wrong with the weight loss.

” One minute, I’m too fat, the next I’m too skinny .Just so you guys know I’m happier and healthier than ever. Things are really well in Mischa world and I’ve just been watching what I eat.”

Normally ‘watching what I eat’ in Hollywood speak translates to….literally watching your food since you’re too afraid to eat it for fear of moving up to a whopping size zero. But Mischa says it’s all in the Pilates and yoga and some cutting back on the fatty foods. If it could only be that easy for the rest of US.

All of this may be well and good for Mischa, but we’re keeping her on the watch list for the time being.

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