Miley Cyrus, Lawbreaker

Posted by Rebecca on March 15th, 2011

Chateau Marmont,  sorry about Miley Cyrus, who at 17 drunkenly wandered your halls in a liquor-induced fervor last Saturday.


yep, that means she’s breaking the law.  Two hours after, her handlers shuffled her out. Some might say, does this count as news? I think so. Why? Because spoiled, entitled pop stars should not be getting into clubs, or riding private jets, or hell, wearing those hooker leggings. They should be stayin’ in school, and not doing drugs.  But will they? In MY AMERICA they will be.  Yeah, my America.  In my America they would also de-gum Ms. Cyrus, so I wouldn’t cringe every time I looked at her chicklet teeth. My world…less gums.

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