Miley Cyrus and Charlie Sheen Exchange Tweets

Posted by Katie F. on April 6th, 2011


On Monday, Miley Cyrus rejoined Twitter. She originally quit in October 2009 while she was dating Liam Hemsworth. At the time, Miley told her followers that he thought she should delete her account and also explained that doing so would help keep her “private life private.” Now, she’s back and tweeting under the account for her upcoming Gypsy Heart Tour. Her first tweet explained her reasons for returning.

“’Do not fear…the Sheenius is here!’ I’m not gonna lie. I came back to twitter for 2 reasons. My fans and to follow @charliesheen #winning.”

Who knew Charlie Sheen’s incessant ramblings would motivate Miley Cyrus, of all people, to come back to Twitter. Anyway, Sheen seemed flattered by her statement and tweeted back to her.

“Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! Always felt you were epic… Now you proved it! Thanks for the love! ybh c @gypsyhearttour.”

Miley responded with,

“@charliesheen I always felt the same about you! You have taught me everything I know about WINNING. Duh!”

She then even tweeted that Charlie Sheen replaced her best friend and that he was the only thing missing from her family dinner. What a strange Twitter friendship this is becoming.

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