Mila Kunis Discusses Her Geeky Side In GQ

Posted by Katie F. on July 12th, 2011

Mila Kunis discusses having friends with benefits and her love of Star Trek in GQ


Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have been the focus of a lot of attention lately with their new film Friends With Benefits premiering soon. Timberlake his shared his thoughts about having friends with benefits in real life, but now it’s Mila’s turn to talk about how she feels.

In the newest issue of GQ Magazine, the actress admits that it’s not a good idea to have a friend with benefits.

“It’s like communism—good in theory, in execution it fails. Friends of mine have done it, and it never ends well. Why do people put themselves through that torture?”

So, she shares Justin’s idea that the situation is not ideal, but she also reveals some things about herself in her interview with the magazine that no one could have guessed. Turns out Mila is a huge fan of Star Trek. The self-described “massive Trekkie” says,

“I got into it in my late teens—18, 19, 20. Something like that. I got into it later than most people. But let’s not talk about it in the past tense. I’m still a Star Trek fan. You never stop being one.”

She then goes on to list the series in order of her most favorite to least favorite.

I bet Mila just gained a lot more fans among all her fellow Trekkies.

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