Mickey Rourke Looking Like a Trainwreck With Latest Girlfriend

Posted by PZ on April 14th, 2010

Mickey Rourke was seen on him way to LaGuardia Airport in Queens with his latest model girlfriend in tow. Mickey, who clearly dressed himself that morning, was looking pretty damn crazy, in an odd 90’s style shirt ( ah, those were the days), which he left unbuttoned, except for one.  Next, Rourke took a tacky belt, most probably borrowed from his girlfriend, and attached it loosely around his ill fitting jeans. To top off the look, he adds a beanie hat and sunglasses – with the sunglasses handles worn over the hat, instead of under.

Not only does Mickey look insanely bloated, but this outfit is a disaster. I feel sorry for his tag along girlfriend, who honestly can’t be attracted to him, can she? At least she is dressed normally, but it doesn’t quite distract from Mickey’s bizarre ensemble.

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