Michelle McGee Opens Up About Jesse James Relationship

Posted by PZ on May 6th, 2010

Michelle Bombshell at Deja Vu Las Vegas

Just in case you’d almost forgotten Michelle McGee, she’s now come forward to share a few new details about the kind of relationship she had with Jesse James while he was cheating on Sandra Bullock. Michelle tells all, claiming that they first messaged on myspace.com, and then proceeded to meet in the office of his motorcycle shop. This office would be their main meeting up space, where they apparently had sex on his “coffin shaped” couch.

According to McGee, she would go over there twice a week, and Jesse would refuse to leave the office or go elsewhere with Michelle, even though he would ask him to go out with her:

“He was always like ‘Shh!..Can’t go out in public, just be patient, just give it time, stuff like that.'”

When she was asked if the couple used a condom during their meetings, she replied:

“That’s just too personal, I was on birth control pills, so I wasn’t afraid of getting pregnant.”

So, that’s a no then. McGee also says that he wasn’t particularly generous with gifts, although he gave her ” a t-shirt with a wolf on it” once. McGee never saw the inside of the home that he previously shared with Bullock either. Basically their relationship was confined to one office and sexual intercourse. Sounds classy.

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