Michelle and Matilda Left Out of Heath’s Will

Posted by Chrissie on March 11th, 2008


The estate of Heath Ledger began disbursement on Monday to some surprising results. Heath Ledger’s ex Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda stand to receive absolutely nothing from Heath’s estate, and there was no mention of either of them in the will.

This is not uncommon actually, and was certainly not an act of spite on Heath’s part. Things like this happen when wills are left without getting updated when family circumstances change, which is exactly what happened in Heath’s case. Heath’s will was originally developed in 2003, and this was well before he had even met Michelle, or obviously, had a child with her.

Heath’s will lists his assets as a grand tune of $145 K and this will be divided among his parents and three sisters. I don’t know a lot (almost nothing actually) about estate law, particularly in the state of New York, but I do think immediate family members are able to contest wills when new heirs are added before the will is updated again.

But is it just me, or is it ODD that Heath’s estate has managed to amount to a mere $145,000? I am sure Michelle’s apartment is even worth more than that. I would imagine that Brokeback Mountain raked him in a little more than that….but heaven only knows with these celebrities.

However, I think Michelle is probably doing pretty well what with a number of works in progress, and I don’t think Matilda has to worry about her future. To add to this, it sounds like Matilda’s grandparents aren’t heinous fiends, as they’ve also stated that Matilda will be looked after regardless of what is stated in the will.


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