Michael Lohan Wants to Lock LiLo in a Castle to Rehabilitate Her

Posted by PZ on May 11th, 2010

Michael Lohan Takes Kate To The Newsroom!

Michael Lohan has appealed to the judge who is overseeing Lindsay’s DUI case to let him take control of Lindsay’s rehabilitation. Michael is armed with a cunning plan you see – he wants to lock Lindsay up in a castle to rid her of all her drug problems. His chosen castle? A luxury castle named Oheka Castle which isn’t even a rehab facility, and which costs $10,000 a night. He’s hoping he’ll get some kind of discount, and apparently other members of the family have even chipped in some cash.

The castle is located in Long Island, and is the same place where Kevin Jonas married wife Danielle. Not too sure if the judge is going to agree to this crazy plan, but it’s certainly ambitious!

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