Michael Jackson’s Memorial

Posted by Kim on July 7th, 2009


Just finished watching Michael Jacksons memorial on MTV/MSNBC.  I wasn’t sure how the whole thing was going to go over, but it was definitely a beautiful and well planned out ceremony.  Very respectful, for sure.  And TMZ was right again, this time about his casket actually being there.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that at first, but I think  actually seeing the casket helped a lot of people have closure.

Seeing his brothers bring out his casket with the white gloves definitely hit hard, as did a lot of moments throughout the service, like when Mariah Carey started singing “I’ll Be There”, Jermaine Jackson singing “Smile”, Brooke Shields Marlon Jackson breaking down at the end and mentioning his twin brother and the lone microphone at the end.   But I don’t think anything got to me, and I’m sure most people watching, more than Michael’s daughter Paris speaking at the end.  Just wow…

Some of the other highlights…. Jennifer Hudson sang “Will You Be There” with Michaels back up dancers. Really, really beautiful.  Rev. Al Sharpton gets a lot of bad press, but his statements were on point.  “To his kids – Your Daddy was NOT strange. What was strange is what he had to go through….”   John Mayer played Human Nature on guitar.  I thought he was the most random person to be included at first, but he brought something different to the ceremony.  A special plaque was created to elect MJ as a world wide humanitarian.  And Shaheen Jafargoli from Britians Got Talent sang “Who’s Loving You”, which was his audition song on the show.  I had no idea that Michael had invited him to his London concert, so it makes sense that they invited him to perform at the funeral.







His kids are seriously adorable.

RIP Michael.

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