Memorabilia for the Royal Wedding

Posted by sparky on November 18th, 2010

Have you always dreamed of getting Prince Williams mug on a mug of your own? Well, British economy is setting into motion a major pusch to create such a treasured item for the world to own. Businessmen are already salivating at the thought of having something new to manufacture and sell.  See hereOr will this priceless piece of memorabilia be manufactured in China?  Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open because you will soon be able to get this English collectable. Tell Santa Claus that you want it under your tree. You won’t even have to travel to England to get it. It will be sold in England at  England’s equivalent to WalMart. But for all us lucky Yankee Doodles, we will have it offered on line.  Who knows, since England is so hard up financially these days, you might be supporting a Brit with your purchase. And not just any Brit. Your pence may be going towards the royal wedding. Charity doesn’t always begin at home.

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