Meghan Trainor Shares Her Fashion Favourites & Must-Haves

Posted by PZ on May 8th, 2015


‘All About That Bass’ singer Meghan Trainor has spoken on her fashion favourites, revealing that she will throw on a sequin piece when she wants to feel like a star and it instantly changes her mood. She commented:

“I wear sequins when I want to be like, ‘Look, I’m a pop star!'”

Meghan is known for embracing her curves and says that it’s all about having the right kind of confidence. She says she tries to love what she has, and often looks in the mirror and simply tells herself she looks good which she thinks really works. She explained:

“You have to speak it out loud. It sounds so cheesy, but look at yourself and say: ‘Damn, I look good today.’ You’re not lying to yourself, but you start believing it more, and every day when I say it now, I’m certain I look the bomb. I took a selfie the other day with no make-up on, and was like: ‘I still look good!'”

Sharing her must-have fashion item, Meghan selects a jewellery piece with sentimental value – a ring that her mother made and gave to her before she went on tour:

“My mother’s ring [is my favorite]. She gave it to me right before I got on the road and it meant everything because she made it herself. It resembles me and my two brothers.”

When she wants to look polished, Meghan quickly tidies her hair and adds a headband to complete the look:

“I throw my hair into a side braid and put on a headband. It makes me look more put together.”


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