Matthew McConaughey Explains Why he Quit Romantic Comedies

Posted by PZ on August 2nd, 2012

Matthew McConaughey has revealed why he broke away from romantic comedies to pursue other roles instead. He hilariously describes that he felt the characters never have balls in romantic comedies and he was forever trying to give them some dignity to no avail because of the way the scripts are written, so he decided to try and work on other films instead thanks to some good offers that came his way:

“On those romantic comedies, I’m going, ‘How do I keep the balls on the dude?’ They’ve written it so you have to come back emasculated and go, ‘I’ve been no one without you. I was lost for all my life but now I found you—take me back.’ And my deal was always, ‘What f–king chick wants that guy?’ C’mon, man, the guy’s gotta come back with dignity. So I said, ‘Let’s just hold out here. I’m going to wait until something really scares me, turns me on.’ And something happened…that allowed me to attract some things I was looking for, to where all of a sudden I was a really good idea for everyone.”

While growing up Matthew never thought he would be an actor because he was brought up to believe that you have to get a steady job instead so you can support your family. Luckily he was able to break away from that notion on his own:

“It wasn’t even in the vernacular of my dreams, being an actor. I was raised in a family that was like, ‘You get a job, you work your way up the ladder to get paid enough to take care of yourself and your family.’ The arts weren’t tangible enough, and when I would ask Mom, ‘Why can’t I watch TV?’ she said, ‘Don’t watch somebody do something when you can be out doing it yourself.’”

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