Matt Damon Speaks on Giving Himself a Brazilian Butt Crack Tan

Posted by PZ on June 11th, 2013


Matt Damon has taken on one hell of a role as ‘Scott Thorson, gay lover of pianist Liberac in ”Behind The Candelabra’ and now he has opened up on getting the look for his part just right. He says he pulled his underwear up in to his butt to create a Brazilian tan on his butt crack and describes the tan that they applied during the spraying process as “gross” and admits it had a syrup consistency:

”With the spray tanning, the Speedos were actually much smaller than the bikini underwear they gave me when I got the tan. So I had to pull the underwear up the crack of my butt to give myself a Brazilian tan. It’s like getting covered in maple syrup – it’s really gross.”

Matt was so happy with his Brazilian tan job, that he asked director Steven Soderbergh to include his bare butt in a scene of the movie just to show it off. He says he is now incredibly proud of the scene because it made the final cut and there is a huge close up of his amazing tan job:

”I explained to [Steven] in this parking lot in West Hollywood about my Brazilian tan line that I had to get to make some of the outfits fit and not show a tan line.  Steven sat there listening and I said, ‘It would be really great – it’s the wrongest thing you’ve ever seen, but what if by the end of the thing I drop the robe and get into bed and you see the Brazilian tan line?’ And Steven just looked at me for a long time and said, ‘Oh, I know where to put the camera.’ So I’m really proud of that scene cause it’s thrown away. And my behind is very large in the frame but it’s out of focus cause the focus was thrown deep to Michael.”

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