Mariah Carey Says She Wants The Simple Life

Posted by sparky on November 28th, 2009

Contact Music reports that Mariah Carey has taken to heart advice given to her by some famous singer.   (Mariah won’t say who it is).  What’s the advice?  Go for the simple life.  Get rid of some of her assistants and start doing more things for herself.  Why? Because she’s eventually going to get tired of having all these people around.

Yes, having a lot of people do Mariah’s dirty work has this negative side.  But if it makes her life easier then I think she would be crazy to give it up.  I’m no fan of Mariah Carey, especially after her obnoxious song about Eminem, but I’m jealous of her easy life. I’d love to have an entourage walk my dog. Of course, there’s no way that Mariah will ever really follow this advice. She’s way too much of a self-absorbed diva.

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