Malin Akerman Says Tom Cruise Could Be an Opera Singer

Posted by PZ on July 21st, 2011


Malin Akerman is currently filming Rock of Ages alongside Tom Cruise, and in a recent interview revealed that Tom has made sure his singing voice was up to scratch for the part – she even believes he could be a successful opera singer if he wanted. Malin has commented about working with Tom on the upcoming film which is filming in Miami right now, stating that he was “absolutely amazing” to work alongside. She said:

 “It’s kind of surreal, to go in and do, like, a duet with Tom Cruise. We sing I Want to Know What Love Is together, which is sick (good). So we had a really great scene, Tom and I. He was absolutely amazing to work with.”

Malin says that the audience will be in for a surprise when they hear Tom hit the high notes, but she wasn’t taken aback too much because she knows how dedicated Tom can be, and she believes he’s put in a lot of effort for the role:

“You will be shocked. I kind of wasn’t that surprised, because when Tom does something he does it 150 per cent. So he really just brought his f**king game and he sounds like a rock star. I’m not kidding. He could be an opera singer if he wanted to. His voice is really powerful.”

Malin Akerman at the Wiesenthal Center National Tribute Dinner. (Beverly Hills, CA)


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