Malin Akerman Says Her Pregancy Feels Like a Hangover

Posted by PZ on October 2nd, 2012

Malin Akerman, who recently announced that she’s expecting her first child with long-time love Roberto Zincone (they used to be in a band together called The Petalstones, google it if you need to laugh at how funny a goth Malin Akerman is) says that her pregnancy feels a little like a hangover because she’s craving all the same greasy foods that she would after a night on the town. Malin jokes that the diet is great and she’s enjoying herself:

“It’s kind of like when you are hungover… but it’s that kind of feeling where you want to eat everything greasy… so the diet is great, I love it!”

She adds that she is drawn to fatty foods just like a hangover – she feels like munching on hamburgers and other delicious bad for her treats and is happy she gets to eat plenty of things she thinks taste good:

“It feels a little bit like that gut rot you get the next day where you’re just craving everything that will just soak (the alcohol) up. But I don’t think the hamburgers will soak up my baby… (I have been craving) French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese – all the things that taste really good.”

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