Lost 3.21: The Man Behind The Curtain

Posted by Kimberly on May 11th, 2007


Earlier in the season, the writers of Lost commented that there would be one episode that would be considered the “jump the shark” episode. Last night very well may have been it.

I think everyone who saw the previews for The Man Behind The Curtain last week expected a lot from this episode but I certainly didn’t know exactly what to expect. First, Ben’s flashbacks. He wasn’t born on the island like he said, no huge surprise there, but he has lived there most of his life. His mother died in childbirth and his father moved to the island in search of a job. Like most of the Losties, Ben had “daddy issues”; his dad was a major jerk and blamed him for his mothers death on. Oh yeah, and his dad is Roger Workman, the corpse in the beer truck. I’d rank Roger Workman second, right behind Locke’s Dad and before Christian Shepherd.



Ben was a part of the Dharma Initiative, but worked with the “hostiles” (the Others that we know now) to exterminate the rest of the Dharma Initiative and gassed his own dad. My favorite scene was when young Ben met Richard in the jungle. Now, Richard and Ben are about the same age in real time (Id actually guess Richard is younger), yet for some reason he’s the same age when Ben is a little kid. Theory: the “hostiles” don’t age. Or at least some of them don’t. Are they ghosts? Are they immortals? Did they drink from the fountain of youth? If anything, I hope they aren’t ghosts. And I also don’t think Richard “appearing” in the jungle was a coincidence; Ben must’ve been recruited at a young age for a reason. Let’s not forget Richard is the same guy who recruited Juliet!

By the way, doesn’t Richard kinda look like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings with long hair? Maybe it’s just me.


Back in real time Locke demand that Ben take him to see Jacob. He leads him out into the jungle (and they pass a trail of gravel…no idea what that was about) to a really creepy old cottage. Ben shows him Jacob …..who is an empty chair. At this point I’m rolling my eyes thinking “not surprising! there’s no Jacob”…..oh me of little faith. The room starts going crazy and we hear and see Jacob for just a short while. Now, to me, out of almost three complete seasons of Lost, this had to the biggest “WHAT THE HECK?” moment of all time. We’ve got an invisible guy living in a cottage who needs Locke’s help



The thing I don’t understand is, if Ben was talking to Jacob all that time, why didn’t he hear him say “help me?”. I guess he was pretending. And there must have been some huge significance in Jacob talking to Locke. I seriously did not expect Locke to get shot at the end of the episode, but I don’t think he’ll die.

There’s a picture on Lost-Forum.com comparing Locke’s face to Jacobs. It’s pretty hard to deny that that’s him. But who knows, maybe they used Locke as a stand in and they haven’t cast the part yet. Okay, time for more theories. I think Jacob is the same breed as the other “hostiles”, just to a higher degree. My guess is the Others that are like Richard can become invisible as well, and that would explain the whispering in the forest and how Richard came out of nowhere. Maybe, for some reason, Jacob can’t control it quite as well.

But as I always say about this show, any time they answer a question it opens up 10 more questions. This time they opened about 30. If the Others aren’t Dharma, why are they still doing studies? Did they start studying fertility because of Ben’s mom? Why does Ben rank higher than Richard and some of the original Others? How on earth did the Others get there to begin with? Who is Jacob, and if he can cure cancer why does he need help? Why does Richard wear so much eye liner? The thing that sucks is that we won’t find out ANYTHING until 2010.

There’s a really good article here about how the Others are breathing new life into Lost, and I totally agree. This show has been hit or miss about creating new characters. Nikki and Paolo were a disaster (although they had a great send off) and the tailies were a tad bit stereotypical, even though I think Libby had potential. But Ben and Juliet are such well crafted characters, and Richard is just ridiculously intriguing. I love how we barely see him and he’s very understated, nothing flashy about him, but now we know he’s extremely important.

I’m kind of surprised that Lost fans are embracing this episode because some of it was so far fetched. But seriously this season is AMAZING, it makes it hard to believe we spent all of season 2 just on the stupid hatch. Next week it’s show down at the OK corral. We found out this week that Jack knows about the invasion and has been planning something with Juliet. Are they just planning to take the women or to actually kill everyone like they did to Dharma. I expect some MAJOR shake ups in the season finale. At the end of every season at least half of the cast ends up in a totally different place, and I don’t think that will change this year!

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