Lone Star- Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

Posted by Rebecca on September 29th, 2010

Remember that show that had just one episode air? Something about a con man? Something about being critically acclaimed? Oh yeah, Lone Star. Well, it’s canceled.  BYE!

James Wolk during the PaleyFest: Fall 2010 TV Preview Parties hosting of FOX's LONE STAR AND RAISING HOPE, held at the Paley Center for Media, on September 13, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Michael Germana / Star Max Photo via Newscom
Series creator Kyle Killen says:

“For [Lone Star] to survive we’re going to have to pull off a minor miracle,” he wrote. “Statistically, new shows tend to lose viewers in their second week. We’re aiming to gain them. In fact, screw it, let’s just double our audience.”

Yeah, I doubt it.  Why? the viewership kicked off a a measly 4 million viewers. And typically a second episode gets even less. According to Entertainment Weekly, there are only five episodes besides the pilot created, and there won’t be any more coming, save that minor miracle.

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