Liz Hurley ‘Gave Up’ On Dying Marriage

Posted by PZ on December 17th, 2010

Liz Hurley, who has now separated from husband Arun Nayar reportedly decided to give up on their marriage, even though Arun wanted to work things out. Liz and Arun have been separated for a few months now, and Liz has also reportedly moved on with a new man, cricket player Shane Wayne who also announced his separation from his wife shortly after. A source said:

“They had been having marriage problems for some time, but Arun wasn’t prepared to give up so easily, Liz, on the other hand, gave up and didn’t tell her husband. Instead she went out and found someone else and then broke the news to him. He is gutted.”

The source also says that Arun is worried about losing touch with their son Damian:

“He doesn’t want to lose Damian, they are so close — he is ‘Daddy’ to Damian. And he’s embarrassed that his marriage fell apart so publicly. He feels Liz intentionally humiliated him.”

According to the insider, Liz’s new romance is just a rebound relationship:

“It’s a rebound, they’ll be over before you know it.”

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