Live TV Can’t Even Handle JWoww’s New Year’s Eve Ensemble

Posted by Angela on January 3rd, 2011

Actress Jenni Farley arrives for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studies in Universal City, California, USA, 06 June 2010. The movies are nominated by producers and executives from MTV and the winners are chosen on-line by the general public. Photo: Hubert Boesl

JWoww got all dressed up (or should we say dressed down?) for MTV’s New Year’s Bash with just a halter made of chains and pasties on top! Unfortunately, her explosive outfit was too much for TV and she was forced to put on a white blazer by her management before going on air. Check out a photo of her outfit on

“JWoww wanted to wear just her chains and pasties without her blazer for the MTV New Year’s Eve special,” a source tells

“Her management made her wear the blazer as well to abide by MTV’s Standards & Practices,” the source added.

JWoww might be skanky but at least she keeps it interesting. I’d much rather find out what she’s wearing any day than look at her stick-in-the-mud cast member Sammi. Or worse, Angelina (AKA the Staten Island Dump).

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