Lindsay Lohan/Sam Ronson Late Night Hookup?

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

Ohhh Shoot. Sometimes, you gotta go for the ex’s when you really wanna bang.  Am I right, Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan went to Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown Los Angeles last night,  where her ex-gal in shining armor, Sam Ronson was probably minding her own business, or you know, doing some crack.  I don’t know- look at those eye sockets.  I’m not a doctor!

Anyhoo, according to TMZ, the two left together in the SAME CAR (how green of them!) forty five minutes later.  Did they do it? Probably. How do I know?  Sam Ronson tweeted “watching grey’s anatomy- my fav show- @Lindsay Lohan sleeping next to me-should I wake her up to let her know her mom’s on GMA?”  Well, I think I cleaned up her twisted, mottled, stupid-twitter English a little bit, but you get the picture.  And what is GMA? I’m dumb.

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