Lindsay Lohan’s Serious Drug Problem

Posted by Kimberly on May 6th, 2007


If you ever doubted that Lindsay Lohan was strung out on drugs before, these pics will prove you wrong.  Right after her stint in rehab Lindsay was caught on camera doing cocaine and bragging about her wild romps with celebrities such as Jude Law, James Blunt.  Actually the list of names this “source” says Lindsay claims to have been with is almost endless, and is virtually a who’s who of Hollywood actors. But the drug part has to the be most disturbing, especially the fact that she was seen snorting 20 lines of cocaine in one night.

Well, obviously Lindsay has no interest in stopping her destructive behaviour, it isn’t like she hasn’t been to rehab.  If she ends up killing her self, no one can really feel sorry her!

Read all about it here.

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