Lindsay Lohan Looks Vaguely Normal at the ‘Liz & Dick’ Beverly Hills Premiere

Posted by PZ on November 21st, 2012

Arriving at the premiere of ‘Liz & Dick’ which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan actually managed to look vaguely normal for a change. That’s right – ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and ‘normal’ have now appeared in the same sentence – there is no going back. For the premiere of her big comeback, Lindsay opted to go back to her signature red hair, which is long and lightly curled. Her face looks glowing and even healthy – her skin even looks better. Makeup really has made advancements in recent years (or is she really actually starting to look like a real person again?). She selected a flowing silk gown in a champagne colour which looked quite nice on her.

It was mostly classy, except for the weird bit in the middle where it cuts down low on her cleavage and there are weird dangling bits which are unexplained and unnecessary as a feature. Other than that tiny little bit of ugliness, Lindsay actually looks borderline fantastic. She looks healthy, fresh and like a young actress who might actually see her 30 birthday, as apposed to the trainwreck version of herself whose life expectancy isn’t above 27. The makeup is so pretty, her hair is nicely done, the dress makes her look ultra glamorous and stuff just looks like it isn’t all weird, gross or malfunctioning. Whoever is responsible for this (we all know it isn’t Lindsay) should be hired by Britney, stat.

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