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Lindsay Lohan Suspected in Jewelry Theft; Blames Suge Knight’s Son

According to law enforcement sources, Lindsay Lohan has become a formal suspect in the $100,000 jewelry heist, along with her assistant Gavin Doyle. As reported, Lohan supposedly burglarized the jewelry including expensive watches and sunglasses from the Hollywood Hills home of her multimillionaire friend Sam Magid last weekend. Sam informed LAPD and reported a jewelry theft.

At the initial stage, when she was not considered a suspect, the ‘Mean Girls’ star was questioned in the alleged jewelry theft, but insisted that she had nothing to do with it. Later Magid believed the two men Lohan had brought with her to the party allegedly stole his possessions.

However, days after the incident took place Magid moved to recant his story with a written letter to the cops saying nothing was stolen.

But the cops are not closing the investigation as they believe they have independent witnesses to identify Lohan and Doyle as the thieves. Though LAPD detectives contacted lawyers for Lindsay and Gavin asking for an interview with the two suspects, the request was rejected.

Lindsay claims that she has been framed in the $100,000 jewelry theft. She reportedly stated the real culprit is Andrew Knight, son of Suge Knight. Andrew then denied all the allegations. Nevertheless, the cops didn’t buy this version of the story.

At present, Lindsay and her assistant Doyle are not reportedly prosecuted in the alleged jewelry swindle owing to lack of evidence.