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Lindsay Lohan Leaves a Ralph Lauren Store in Los Angeles

Fresh from another stint inside the slammer, Lindsay Lohan was seen doing a spot of shopping at a Ralph Lauren store in Los Angeles. Lindsay, who is now trying to complete her community service, actually managed to look quite fresh – rocking a bright blonde hairdo with sunglasses and a casual outfit. LiLo wore a red leather jacket with a t-shirt, dark jeans and brown lace-up wedges, while a Blackberry in her hand made her look as busy as ever, even if she might be finding it hard to pull in a decent role. Lindsay used to be so stylish, but obviously this whole jail thing has been a major speed bump.

Here though, she looks a lot like the old Lindsay, a girl we get a glimpse at from time to time, in between all those plots to walk out of jewelry stores dripping in diamonds without anyone noticing and her hectic schedule shooting for Playboy.  This is normal Lindsay – the one that isn’t a magnet for drugs, lesbian djs who probably provide her with such drugs, and seedy fathers who have a lengthy criminal record. Lindsay looks less weary and more normal – can she keep it up?