Lindsay Lohan Is Broke, Despite Her Thriving Career

Posted by Moxie on April 19th, 2010

I guess spray tans and gross leggings don’t grow on trees. You’d think Lindsay would know that after years of hearing Dinasaur yell it at her, but apparently she hasn’t learned. The “actress” is reportedly over a half a million in debt on her credit cards, which somehow just makes the situation seem worse because even blind, deaf, and dumb bushbabies hanging out in the African scrub know that racking up that much on credit cards is a bad idea.

Rumors of Lindsay being financially irresponsible are nothing new; she’s always gone through money like vodka, choosing to do things like live in the Chateau Marmont instead of buying a house and shop constantly (although I’d bet a big chunk of change went towards various greedy members of her family). At least in the past, she was bringing in some money, but she hasn’t made a well-reviewed or high-grossing movie in years, and she’s relatively low-paid for club appearances ($5 to $10K, which, dude, stop complaining). Her reputation is so bad that she doesn’t seem to have many prospects, either. If she was smart (which, doubtful), she would disappear somewhere quiet to get her act together, and either pull an RDJ-style comeback or semi-gracefully slide into obscurity.

I actually have a lot of sympathy for Lindsay because I’m deep in debt, too…oh, wait, I took out college loans to get an education and fulfill my potential, while she’s blown millions on drugs and ugly clothes. That’s not sympathy, that’s scorn. I always get those mixed up.

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