Lindsay Lohan Has Learned A Lesson

Posted by Moxie on August 31st, 2010

…and that lesson is that you will never, ever be forced to take responsibility for yourself if you blame all your mistakes on psychological trauma. Vanity Fair has already released the cover of their October issue, which features Lindsay Lohan styled like Marlene Dietrich rode hard and put away wet. She’s even posed to look like she’s lying on a floor, which, hardy har har, what a knowing wink to the fact that she just got out of rehab for substance abuse. Stop enabling her, people.

Anyway, there is, of course, an interview, and, of course, Lindsay talks about Michael Lohan through the entire thing. Like, your dad’s an asshole, but your mom is just as much of a psycho. The only reason you keep your mom around is because Dina is devoted to your success, if only because it means she can a) rake in the dough as your manager, and b) live vicariously through you. Your dad is just way worse at hiding his nefarious intentions. Lindsay also claims that she never abused prescription drugs (why waste time on prescriptions when there were illegal drugs to use?) and that most college kids do things that are 10 times worse than anything she did during her “experimental” phase (I can’t even fathom…). Some excerpts:

“If I were the alcoholic everyone says I am, then putting a [SCRAM] bracelet on would have end

ed me up in detox, in the emergency room, because I would have had to come down from all the things that people say I’m taking and my father says I’m taking—so that says something, because I was fine.”

“I think my biggest focus for myself is learning how to continue to get through the trauma that my father has caused in my life.”

“The worst part of it is you turn around and you see your dad crying and normally you’d be, like, happy that you

r father’s there. But then he has to go and do an interview right after.”

“[When she first moved to L.A.] it was very go-go-go and I had a lot of responsibility; and I think just the second I didn’t have [structure] anymore—I was 18, 19—with a ton of money and no one really here to tell me that I couldn’t do certain things … And I see where that’s gotten me now, and I don’t like it.”

I think that last part is true, but I don’t think she really believes it because she’s said the same thing in multiple other interviews over the years, and she never changes; at this point, she knows what people are expecting her to say. She’s also still trying to pretend she didn’t become famous for acting an easy role in an incredibly popular movie and because she used to be smokin’ hot:

“I don’t care what anyone says. I know that I’m a damn good actress. I want my career back. I want the respect that I had when I was doing great movies. And if that takes not going out to a club at night, then so be it. It’s not fun anyway.”

Feh. I give her till Christmas. Another picture of Lindsay and her crazy implants from the magazine spread:

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