Lindsay Lohan Has A Creepy Tattoo

Posted by Moxie on July 25th, 2010

Actress Lindsay Lohan surrenders in court to begin serving a 90-day jail term for violation of probation in Beverly Hills, California on July 20, 2010. UPI/Al Seib/Pool Photo via Newscom

It is my fondest wish that in the near future, something amazing will happen, like Leonardo DiCaprio coming out of the closet or Miley Cyrus getting pregnant – literally anything that will keep me from writing about Lindsay Lohan. But until then, here’s another update: Lindsay Lohan got another tattoo, and it is both stupid and bordering on the creepy, much like I Know Who Killed Me and her relationship with her dad.

The tat is the face of a little girl with her eyes closed and long hair; the face is pretty cartoon-y but looks oddly like JonBenet Ramsey. Lohan reportedly chose the tattoo because she liked how innocent the face was, which – ugh. I mean, it sounds like she had a pretty terrible home life growing up, and there are a lot of reports about how “fragile” and “broken” she is – but if you’re still with it enough to recognize that quality in a freakin’ cartoon tattoo, then you’re still capable of getting help for yourself, especially when it’s being offered by the people around you.

I’m not even convinced that this is a real tattoo, anyway. Supposedly it’s blending in with her freckles and fake tan because it’s in white ink, but it’s more likely that the face is actually that of some poor child whose soul Lindsay harvested in exchange for post-jail success, or, you know, Dina’s midnight snack.

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