Lindsay Lohan and Daddy Lohan Are New BFFs

Posted by PZ on November 11th, 2010

47300, PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday Nov 10, 2010. Lindsay Lohan leaves her outpatient house in Palm Desert looking refreshed in an oversized cardigan and black leggings. The 24-year-old actress is undergoing a court-ordered stint in rehab in an attempt to cure her of her addictions. Miss Lohan is to stay within the center's program until January 3.

Lindsay Lohan has always had a rocky, somewhat insane relationship with her father Michael, and he in turn, hasn’t been the greatest father in the world – but it looks like these two Lohans may have put aside their differences and have made friends. Lindsay is currently in rehab, but has been allowed to go out shopping and even hit the cinema recently, and now she is spending time with her father too. A source says about Lindsay’s progress so far:

“She’s taking things seriously and she’s really had a lot of success so far, this is a long road for her with many issues she has to work through. But she’s ready to tackle things.”

Lindsay is reportedly open to mending her relationship with Michael:

“Lindsay is now open to working on things with her father. It’s a part of her recovery.”

Lindsay has been encouraged to rebuild their relationship as part of her rehabilitation program:

“Lindsay really needed to hear it from her counselors how important it was for her to have a relationship with her dad,” the source says. “They spent quality time together talking alone.”

How long before Micheal tries to cash in on his daughters fame again? or before Lindsay blames Michael for all her problems including snorting buckets of cocaine?

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