Lil’ Wayne Finds Himself in HOT Water

Posted by Chrissie on February 24th, 2009


We haven’t heard too much about Lil’ Wayne these days, and that is likely to do with the fact that he’d rather we stay out of his business. I guess then someone should tell him to keep his business clean, otherwise we wouldn’t care NEARLY as much.

Lil’ Wayne however is not doing so well on the personal front, despite the fact that his professional success is topping the charts. But this morning he was spotted leaving a Manhattan court after appearing before a judge on gun charges. Though we don’t really know the details of his charges, the fact that he takes no issue with carrying weapons may cause some concern for parents of the fans that look up to this man. This may lead to some troubles on the professional front, but only time will tell on this one.

And that’s not all for Lil’ Wayne, even though his career IS going well, he seems to be sabatoging it a little bit as well. He’s also being sued for $1.3 million dollars by Ed Strickland, a concert promoter in Rochester, New York. Lil’ Wayne was scheduled for three gigs in Rochester, all of which he cancelled leaving Strickland pretty much high and dry. After all the money that went into promoting these concerts, Strickland wasn’t too happy and filed a civil suit for breach of contract.

Sounds like Lil’ Wayne is in a lil’ trouble. We’ll see how this unfolds for him, as generally little snaffoos like this either get nipped in the bud, or are the beginning steps of a downhill spiral.


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