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5 Celebrities Who Feel Connected to a Possible Past Life

Posted by PZ on September 28th, 2021

Believing in the possibility of past lives and reincarnation, these 5 celebrities all say they feel connected to at least one (if not more) of their possible past lives. Some feel connected to people they’ve never met before and believe they knew them in the past life. Others have had visions and flashbacks while under […]

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5 Celebrities Who Are Scared of Fan Encounters

Posted by PZ on June 17th, 2017

Dealing with hordes of fans must be a scary experience and these 5 celebrities have all admitted that they are often afraid of fan encounters because they don’t know what to expect or how far fans will go when they’re around them. Feeling as though they might be in danger or unaware of what will happen […]

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5 Celebrities Who Are Happy With Their Natural Curves

Posted by PZ on September 4th, 2012

These days, when someone is described as “curvy” it is often used as almost an insult for women who aren’t stick thin. These 5 stars however, are all about embracing their natural curves and enjoying their sexy full bodies. Ranging in sizes and shapes, these 5 stars don’t care about being completely model thin, and […]

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Leona Lewis Believes TV Singers Are “More Talented”

Posted by PZ on January 6th, 2012

Leona Lewis, who previously won The X Factor UK, says that those who take part in reality TV shows are more talented than normal artists, because they are forced to show off their voice on live TV, and push themselves hard to do the best they can do, while recording artists are able to use […]

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Leona Lewis Goes Classic at the ‘GQ Men Of The Year 2011’

Posted by PZ on September 7th, 2011

Photo: INFdaily.com In recent times, X Factor UK winner Leona Lewis pushed out her fashion boundaries and tried to be a little edgier. Most of her attempts were panned, mostly because she simply didn’t make it look believable. We know Leona as a sweet, shy, wholesome kind of girl, so it just didn’t work. Returning […]

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Smack Shots: Pauly D Takes a Spin in His Yellow Lamborghini & More

Posted by PZ on August 30th, 2011

Photos: INFdaily.com Pauly D was seen driving off in his yellow Lamborghini in Los Angeles Julianna Marqulies arrives at ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’ Leona Lewis wears a red trench At Capital Radio in London

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15 Celebs Who Own a Blackberry

Posted by PZ on June 14th, 2011

A celebrity without a Blackberry is like fashion-conscious model who doesn’t own the Best Flat Iron.  Unheard of!  The Blackberry is a celebrity staple – tweeting on the go is a must, not to mention all those chats with your agent. Some stars have even kitted theirs out with an embellished or designer case to […]

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15 Celebrities Carrying Their Laptops

Posted by PZ on May 18th, 2011

There is being obsessed with facebook, and then there’s carrying your laptop around so you can check your updates on the go – too obsessed. Here is a look at 15 stars with their laptop companions in tow, so they never have to miss an email – some have Apple laptops, some have mini-laptops and […]

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17 Celebrities With Cameras/Taking Photos

Posted by PZ on May 9th, 2011

Check out these 17 budding photographers who have turned the tables on the watching paparazzi and have decided to whip out their camera for an impromptu photo shoot. Some are using camera phones, some clearly have a proper interest in photography and have a good professional machine, while others are taking pictures of their friends […]

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Leona Lewis At The 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards

Posted by PZ on March 21st, 2011

Photos: INFdaily.com X-Factor winner Leona Lewis attended the 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards. The event was held at The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, and the British singer opted for a figure-hugging black cocktail dress which featured a statement fringe helm running across her shoulder. The dress was also adorned with a subtle […]

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18 Stars’ Airport Style

Posted by PZ on January 8th, 2011

From LAX to JFK – here is a look at stars as they take off and touch down at the airport – they all know the paparazzi will be waiting, and some dress accordingly, while others decided to put their comfort first, opting for easy to wear clothes for their flight. On the other hand, […]

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18 Female Stars Wearing Glasses

Posted by PZ on January 5th, 2011

Some wear them for fashion purposes, while others genuinely need them – here is a look at 18 female stars rocking a pair of glasses. Some have adopted nerdy glasses as part of their look, while other stars have added a quirky addition to their outfit with a pair of simple framed glasses. Stars such […]

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Elle, Christina, Leona Model Slimming Winterproof Looks

Posted by Christie on December 28th, 2010

What do Elle Macpherson, Leona Lewis, and Christina all have in common? Amazing stylists? Perhaps, but all three ladies are braving the winter wear in monochromatic tones embellished with either fur or prints to create a happy texture.  Supermodel, Elle Macpherson, shops in Aspen with warm layers that bounce from her nose to her toes.  Christrina […]

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Leona Lewis Has the Worst Luck

Posted by Angela on December 4th, 2010

This girl just can’t catch a break. A little over a year ago, she was punched by a crazy person at a book signing, and now she’s said that she was recently attacked by what sounds like a rabid cat. Poor girl. She described the cat as “evil,” saying that it jumped on her leg, […]

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Leona Lewis at the Roberto Cavalli After-Party in Paris

Posted by PZ on September 30th, 2010

Leona Lewis made a grand entrance as she arrived to the Roberto Cavalli After-Party which was held as part of Paris Fashion Week.  The singer wowed in a tangerine coloured gown for the event, comprised of delicate tulle and a strapless bodice. The marvel of a design included asymmetrical frills running down to the floor. […]

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21 Successful Reality TV Stars

Posted by PZ on September 10th, 2010

Here is a look at 21 reality stars who have gone on to be more successful than the average reality star. Some stars have launched books, fitness dvds or perfumes, while others have had their own spin-off reality show, or have found success down another route. These are the stars who have managed to prolong […]

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17 Celebrities on Horseback

Posted by PZ on August 2nd, 2010

Celebrity horse riders are quite common – some even own their own horses, and  enter horse riding competitions, while others have given it a go on holiday or for a part in a film or music video. Reese Witherspoon is one such celebrity who loves horses – her love for riding has even been passed […]

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Leona Lewis at The Newsroom Cafe

Posted by PZ on April 21st, 2010

Leona Lewis was spotted taking a break at the Newsroom Cafe in West Hollywood. The X factor winner was looking casual in dark denim jeans and a crop top. Leona has a hit or miss kind of style, but this looks great, and is actually quite fashionable too. Leona shot to fame quite suddenly thanks […]

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23 Inconsistent Dressers

Posted by Angela on April 13th, 2010

Everyone loves evaluating celebrities’ outfits, and so do we. While some consistently look fantastic, there are others we can always count on to be a hit or miss, and those are the most fun to watch! I’ve chosen a great (left) outfit and a horrible (right) outfit for these 23 completely inconsistent dressers. 1. Leona […]

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Elle Style Awards: Leona Lewis

Posted by PZ on February 23rd, 2010

Leona Lewis also attended the Elle style awards last night, looking chic in a simple black dress. It’s definitely not the dress which makes this outfit stand out – it’s the killer accessories. Leona’s black dress is a good cut and style for her – but would be quite plain without the interesting pieces which […]

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Leona Lewis On New Year’s Eve

Posted by Jennifer on January 6th, 2010

Leona Lewis was at Bellagio in Sin City on New Year’s Eve. That evening tends to throw fashion rules away, and a lot more things fly. But even Leona’s look didn’t work on New Years. She was wearing a red and black strapless dress. The top had printed bra cups, a flower belt, and a […]

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