Lauren Conrad Dishes on How Fake ‘The Hills’ Was, Comments on Haters

Posted by PZ on October 17th, 2012

Reality star Lauren Conrad has opened up on how fake ‘The Hills’ was. She reveals that although some parts were staged or dragged out, everything that happened in the show did happen in real life, but often parts were reenacted to get them caught on film if they weren’t at the time. She also admits that her relationship with Brody Jenner was dragged out by the producers, but it did happen in real life:

“I think the story they told wasn’t a dishonest one. The way they did it sometimes was. They aren’t going to be there for everything. Sometimes two of their main characters will get into a fight, and that’s important to the story line. The [producers] need that reenacted. Their things was always: It did happen. They’re not making this up: you just didn’t see it… Brody and I did date. It was pretty brief. There was definitely editing to drag it out.”

Commenting on her haters, Lauren says that people felt she was talentless and that her fame was undeserved. She believes many celebrities are hated by people and she now knows it’s impossible to make everyone happy all of the time because people’s opinions of you can vary so much and you can’t take it all to heart:

“People felt that a lot of the things I had were undeserved, maybe because I didn’t have a specific talent; I was more of a regular girl and maybe didn’t deserve the attention. I think anyone in the public eye is going to be hated, and a lesson that I needed to learn quickly is that it is impossible to please everybody. One person will call you classy, and another will call you boring.”

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