Lady Gaga Slams Her Management Who “Betrayed” Her


Lady Gaga was left very upset when she was given only a week to put together a new music video for her single  ‘Do What U Want’ which is featuring R Kelly and directed by Terry Richardson. The singer does not know when the video will now be ready because she wasn’t given enough time to be creative and so she has slammed those who work for her for mismanaging her and not allowing her creativity to be honored. She opened up:

“It is late because, just like with the Applause video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it. It is very devastating for someone like me, I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored.”

Gaga believes that those in charge of her career are greedy and have “betrayed” her because they only ever have money on their mind and don’t care about her health or vision when it comes to making music. Gaga candidly wrote:

“Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. Millions of dollars are not enough for some people. They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people. They wanted more.”

She added an apology to disappointed fans:

“Please forgive me that I did not foresee this coming, I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most.”