Kristen Wiig on Fashion: I “Don’t Think About My Style”

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Actress Kristen Wiig has commented that she isn’t a big fashion follower and usually doesn’t even think about what she’s wearing. Although she enjoys getting dressed up from time to time for big events, she prefers to go quite casual and puts comfort first when getting dressed:

“Oh gosh, I don’t get dressed up that often. It’s fun to get dressed up for a fancy occasion, but when it’s just me, I’m more of a jeans, boots, T-shirt kind of girl – I like to be comfortable.”

Kristen often forgets that she can have her photo taken at any time when she steps out, and is realising she can’t go out dressed in just anything. Her friends are constantly advising her to pay more attention to her fashion choices:

“You see pictures of yourself in magazines where you didn’t know anyone was there…I’m the kind of person that will just put on clothes and leave the house, and I have had friends telling me, ‘You can’t go out like that!’ And I guess I can’t.”

Speaking on her favourite designers, Kristen says there are several labels she looks to for great pieces but isn’t the kind of girl who walks around in heels all day because she finds it far too painful and would prefer to be in flats:

“I love Alexander Wang, The Row, Opening Ceremony and Victoria Beckham – her dresses are amazing! I really don’t think about my style. As I get older, comfort is more important. I so badly want to be that girl who shops with her girlfriends and wears heels, but I can’t do it. After one block I’d have to go and buy some flats…”

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