Kristen Bell’s Darth Vader Dog

Posted by PZ on January 30th, 2010

Kristen Bell adopted three dogs after Hurricane Katrina. Kristen was working at a dog shelter at the time and agreed to take in one of the oldest dogs  which is now called “Sadie”. The 12 year old dog, is still alive 4 years on and Kristen is not happy. She chose the an old dog because she figured it wouldn’t be around too long and she could easily look after it for a short period.

Here’s what she said about  Sadie:

“(I’m) actually thinking she may be a real-life vampire and never die. She’s almost totally blind and deaf. When she’s in the house, you can hear her pooping from the other room, it’s like bowling balls dropping. She’s semi-crippled in the house and she breathes like Darth Vader.”

Ok – I kind of get where she’s coming from with this, that dog sounds a bit creepy.

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