Kris Jenner Gets Photo Bombed by Teenagers as She Shops in London

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Kris Jenner and the rest of the ever-expanding Kardashian clan have been traveling Europe for the last few days, probably in a bid to make their show more interesting – anything to boost ratings, right Kris Humphries? When they arrived in London, the Kardashians had designer store Selfridges close down just so they could shop in peace as fans gathered outside to look in the windows at the family shopping for expensive goodies. Never one to do something quietly (and normally), momager Kris hung out by the window where she tried on the ridiculous Chanel hula hoop bag for the cameras.

While she stood by the window, a group of teenage girls gathered around and snapped photos of her, while one particularly cheeky girl pulled faces and put her nose against the glass to make a piggy snout (check out more snaps of the epic photo bombing over at Bohomoth, you will not be disappointed!).

The Kardashians then boarded their private plane to Greece where they plan to take a family vacation – even pregnant Kim is with them, without Kanye of course. Kanye is staying in Paris because it’s supposedly where he works best on his music, plus he is rumored to not give a f**k about the whole baby thing, so it makes sense. He’s also obviously avoiding being on the show, because he’s way too cool for that kind of thing.