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Kirsten Dunst Says Hollywood Makes “Way, Way too Many Movies”

Kirsten Dunst wants to challenge herself by taking on a new role – but she wants the film to be in German. According to Kirsten, she isn’t fluent in the language, but does know enough and has the right accent to make a film in the language:

“I really want to do a film in another language. My dad’s from Germany, so it’d be really cool to do a film in German. I’m not quite fluent, but I can get there. And my accent’s pretty good. I wouldn’t feel too out of my element.”

Kirsten says that she luckily because she doesn’t have to accept every role that comes her way, and can pick what she is most excited about to work on. She believes all actors and actresses lead their careers by what they are drawn to and choose roles that suit their own taste:

“I feel like everyone directs their own career according to their taste, what they migrate to emotionally and what kind of artists they want to work with. And I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can wait six months for a project that really interests me. The filmmaker is really important to me: it could be their first film, it’s not just about their reputation, but I have to really believe in them. In a way, to me, even ‘Spider-Man’ was almost like an independent film on a very large scale, because Sam Raimi has such an independent spirit.”

Kirsten also believes that Hollywood is currently making too many films and that there is an over-saturated market. She feels as though for the most part, there isn’t that many good projects to get involved in:

“Well, I don’t limit myself, and I don’t do things just to do things. I’ve been lucky to find people who want to work with me, whom I respect and like, but the truth is there aren’t that many good projects out there. And we make way, way too many movies. So it’s not always going to happen with every project. But I try and wait it out.”