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Kim Kardashian Talks Valuing Her Privacy & Being “Famous for Being Famous”

After the crazy year she’s had which has included filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, Kim says she values her privacy more than ever before. Now that she’s in a relationship with rapper Kanye West, who she admits is more private than her, she has been forced to find a balance by fighting for more privacy and is glad Kanye understands how it feels for her to be constantly in the spotlight:

“Before, I wouldn’t have valued privacy as much as I do now, I think anyone I’m in a relationship with can really appreciate the things I’ve gone through to bring me here, because I probably wouldn’t have fought for that privacy before. Being with someone who’s more private but who understands public life, we have an understanding. It’s a good balance.”

Kim says that the many people who say she is “famous for being famous” simply don’t understand the rise of reality shows and how they work, and because it’s a new thing, it might be hard for people to get it instantly. She believes the genre continues to grow strong and it isn’t going away anytime soon, while she says candidly that she’s never claimed to be a singer or actress:

“It’s always funny to me when people say that I’m famous for being famous, I think it’s fascinating, because it’s still entertainment, you know? It’s fun to see the progression of that idea. I don’t take offense to it at all. I’m not naïve to the fact that I’m not a singer or an actress or anything like that. I’ve never claimed to be anything that I’m not. I think [reality] is still a new form of entertainment that was kind of an unexpected thing… It reminds me of rap music. When rap music first came out, people were like, We don’t understand this, what is this, it’s just a fad. But rap music is definitely here to stay, and I think reality shows have proven they are as well. But when something is newer, people don’t really understand it.”