Kim Kardashian Storing Her Old Clothes to Pass on to Daughter North

Posted by PZ on February 11th, 2014


Kim Kardashian has filled a storage unit with her old clothes in a bid to pass along her old attire to her daughter North West. Kim says she would love for her daughter to go through her old pieces as a fun activity and she might even be interested in owning some of the items in the future – even if it’s just for a Halloween costume! New mom Kim says she is planning to eventually fill her whole attic with saved designer goodies to pass on:

”I’m saving them all to give to North. I’m building a whole attic. At the moment I have a storage unit of all my old stuff and even if it’s not really her style – or my style anymore – it’s so fun to see all the flashy things I’ve worn. She can use them as Halloween costumes or whatever she wants with them.”

Kim’s sister Kourtney, who has two young kids – Mason and Penelope – is also saving up her old clothes. She believes that by the time her daughter is old enough to wear them, plenty of the pieces will be cool vintage items because fashion always has a way of coming back around and she would also enjoy offering style advice:

 ”I want her to find and grow into her own style but I will always be here to offer advice. Trends always seem to come back around, so it’s nice to think our investments will hopefully one day be revived and styled in a different way by our daughters.”

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