Kim Kardashian Is Good At Hiding

Posted by Moxie on August 24th, 2010

In a very out of character move, Kim Kardashian acted extremely camera shy, even blocking her infamous booty from being shot as she made her way to the gym in Studio City, CA on August 23, 2010. Perhaps Ms. Kardashian didn't feel she was camera ready. Fame Pictures, Inc

For a minute there, I actually did think her ass had disappeared. You know, when she put her toothpicky little arm in front of it, I was convinced it was gone for good. Really.

Nice try, Kim. Just because you’re dumb enough to fall for a game of hide-and-seek that wouldn’t even fool Mason, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is, especially when they’ve got telescopic lenses. I’ve seen more successful attempts at camouflage by cartoon elephants hiding behind incongruously skinny trees. You should make a note to yourself about adding “master of disguise” to your resume.

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