Khloe Kardashian is Staying Strong After Filing for Divorce

Posted by PZ on December 18th, 2013


Reality star Khloe Kardashian recently filed for divorce from her basketball player husband Lamar Odom, and now Khloe’s momager Kris Jenner has publicly spoken on the couple’s split for the first time – even before Khloe has commented personally on the topic. With rumors of their breakup plaguing the couple for months before, the divorce comes as no surprise to most, with Khloe citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ on the divorce papers. Kris has commented that Khloe is trying to stay busy through this hard time and although she is sensitive, she will make it through:

‘Khloé really is so great. She’s strong and … the good news is that she’s busy and you know, keeps her real busy. But she’s good. She’s got such a big heart but she also is very sensitive. She’s got that tougher exterior and sensitive inside, but she’s good. She’s got all of us all around her and I’ll see her later, and yeah, she’s good. I was with her yesterday and she’s a gift. She’s one of my biggest blessings.”

Lamar allegedly cheated on Khloe with multiple women and struggled with a drug addiction towards the end of their relationship. Kris comments that Khloe is now just glad she’s made the decision and can begin to process everything so she can put it behind her:

”I think that when you have a tough decision to make and you finally make it, it’s always a relief to come through that process, but it is a process. So we’ll see.”

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