Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Sell Her Own Sex Tape?

Posted by PZ on May 7th, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson and a friend pick up some frozen yogurt and have a browse several clothing stores

There has been tonnes of rumors circulating about Kendra Wilkinson‘s alleged sex tape, which no doubt actually does exist. Kendra is now taking legal action against Vivid Entertainment who she is worried may release the tape, but it’s not because she doesn’t want the tape getting out, nope, it’s because she wants to be the one to release it!

Sources say that Kendra has known about the tape for years, and that she tried to form a company about 18 months ago so that she could legally sell the video herself, and of course keep all the profits. She would even have a final say in the cut of the movie.

It’s unclear how Vivid Entertainment managed to get hold of the sex tape, but even if they do release it, Kendra will suddenly be an innocent victim of the situation, probably after they pay her handsomely for it’s use. Either way, that sex tape is going to be released. It’s just a matter of time!

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