Kelly Preston Insists Charlie Sheen Is A Good Person

Posted by Katie F. on March 10th, 2011

Kelly Preston and Charlie Sheen were engaged twenty years ago. Although they never married, Preston still thinks highly of Sheen.

They dated for a year and broke up in 1990, after Sheen accidentally shot her in the arm. Despite this mysterious situation, she insists he is still a good guy.  

“My heart just goes out to him, and all of his family. He’s such a good person underneath all of it, he really is.”

Preston said that during their time together, Sheen wasn’t drinking or doing drugs, and that he was a beautiful person. After the breakup, she moved on with her life and built a family with John Travolta. She hopes Sheen can find happiness like this too, instead of simply destroying himself.

“I think there’s a way back for anyone. I always have hope, and my prayers are with him.”

It’s nice that she wants everyone to know how Sheen was long ago, in a time when people didn’t await his tweets or auto-tune quotes from his crazy interviews. Maybe he’ll find a way to straighten himself out and restore a positive public image.  Hopefully he doesn’t accidentally shoot anyone else while he’s at it.

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