Kelly Osbourne is looking slimmer…and golder than ever.

Posted by Rebecca on October 28th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne is 26. Most girls go out to a bar to celebrate their 26th? Kelly painted herself gold a la the legendary James Bond movie,  Goldfinger.

Going for gold: Kelly Osbourne recreates Shirley Eaton's iconic Goldfinger image... but unlike the Bond girl, manages to stay alive
“Fans of the 1964 007 movie will remember Eaton’s character Jill Masterton ended up dead on a red sofa after suffocating after she is covered in gold paint by villain Oddjob.”
Yeah, I remember. But what the hell is this for?
“Kelly was persuaded to strip off to mark the launch of Sky+HD reaching over 50 channels in high definition.”
I know when I get my Sky HD Tv, the first thing I wanna see if Kelly Osbourne’s butt-nakedness. Yarf.

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