Keira Knightley Thinks She’s Huge

Posted by Kim on September 17th, 2007


As much as I would like to believe that Keira Knightley’s size is the result of being “naturally thin”, comments like this make it really obvious she has major body image issues:

“Weight is a big issue in Hollywood because I’m twice the size, height and everything else, of most of the girls who are going in to see the director for a part. When you realize that I am, at my size, one of the largest actresses there, you start to think, ‘I don’t think it’d be healthy for me to stay here much longer.”

Keira is about 5’7″, which is taller than average, but I can name probably a dozen actresses her age that are right around that height without really even thinking about it.  Isn’t body dysmorphia a symptom of an eating disorder?  Not that I’m saying she’s anorexic or anything…..because I don’t want to get myself sued.


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