Keira Knightley & Chloe Moretz to Star in Lesbian Sex Scene for New Film

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British actress Keira Knightley is reportedly set to star in a new film which will including a racy lesbian sex scene with fellow actress Chloe Moretz who is just 16-years-old. The film in question is ‘Laggies’ and sources say Keira is in talks for the part of a runaway bride who makes friends with a group of teenagers including Moretz. An insider commented that no one has discussed the scenes yet but it seems they’ll be a part of filming:

”No one is talking about the physical scenes yet but Keira and Chloe will be seen together and there will be some lesbian love action. It’s set to be very saucy and will definitely get male fans hot under the collar.”

Keira didn’t want to take on any big roles but after Anne Hathaway turned it down, she jumped at the chance despite wanting to also just enjoy married life at the moment. She recently wed James Righton in a romantic low key French ceremony. The insider reveals that Keira just couldn’t turn it down:

‘After getting married Keira turned down some major Hollywood scripts so she could enjoy married life. But she loved the script and was eager to jump on board when Anne Hathaway dropped out.”