Ke$ha Speaks on “Trying to Accept Every Little Bit” Of Her Body


Ke$ha is working on improving her body image: the singer says she is currently trying to “accept every little bit” of her body because she knows she can’t trade it for another. Admitting that her path to happiness is to accept herself completely, Ke$ha says she is doing her best to love her body even though there are plenty of parts she hates:

”There are tons of things [I don’t like about my body] but I’m at that point right now here I’m trying to accept every little bit of me. Trust me, I don’t have the perfect body, but I don’t have anything else to work with, so I might as well just accept it. That’s why I wrote ‘We R Who We R’. You just have to accept yourself.”

The singer says that she decided to pay closer attention to her health when she started touring again because she wanted to perform her show with all of the energy it deserves:

”I think it’s my show [that inspired me]! If you come and see my show, it’s pretty gruelling. My album is called ‘Warrior’, so I just want to embody that. I want to be in kick-ass shape, mentally and physically.”

Ke$ha also comments that she loves wearing clothes that boost her confidence and make her feel good, so she encourages her fans to follow her lead:

”I think that what really matters is you should always wear what you look good in and feel comfortable and confident in. But, more importantly, if you’re a good person and having fun, why not be confident?”