Katherine Heigl on Being “20lbs Heavier” Than Jennifer Aniston

Posted by PZ on December 7th, 2011

Katherine Heigl says that when she first arrived in Hollywood, she was “20lbs heavier” than the average actress, but says that now she understands how committed those actresses are to their bodies, and she is happy to be able to be able to eat what she likes and is “too lazy” to put in the time:

“I was 20lbs heavier and wanted to look like those girls with fantastically beautiful bodies like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Alba, but I just couldn’t lose the weight. It’s only now that I realise how hard those girls work for their bodies, and what level of commitment they make to do that. I’m too lazy and I like food and I like my free time too much to spend it working out!”

Katherine, who currently has one daughter Naleigh with Josh Kelley, says she still wants to add plenty more to her brood, and although she originally wanted as many as 6, she is thinking that maybe 3 -4 might be enough:

“I used to want like six kids. Now we’re thinking maybe like three to four kids. That would be my ideal. That’s still a lot, isn’t it?”

She also says that Josh is a wonderful father to their child, and that it at first surprised her:

“He’s a great dad. I didn’t expect it. He’s such a guy. I adore him, I can’t imagine being with another man, but he can be very self-absorbed. Not in an egomaniacal way, just kind of in his own head and unfocused on anything other than his own stuff. So I was really surprised by how on top of it and how connected he is.”

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