Katherine Heigl Says Her Family Was Changed After Brother’s Death

Posted by PZ on December 9th, 2011

Katherine Heigl says that when her brother died in a freak car accident when he was aged just 15, her whole family changed. Although it happened 25 years ago, Katherine says that the death still affects them today:

“That’s one of those experiences in a family that changes the whole dynamic forever. It doesn’t mean that everything is horrible forever, it’s just that we were a certain kind of family before that happened and we are a different family now he’s dead.”

Katherine says that the accident made her realize that life can be taken away at any time due to the choices you make:

“We are all keenly aware of the precariousness of life. You can’t not be now – it was a moment that changed everything. You think, ‘If only he’d sat in the front seat that day, and not the back’, and suddenly you’re thinking, ‘We ought to be more careful about our decisions.”

Katherine believes that as you grow older, you figure out that you have no control over how things go, and things can just happen – it is life, and you have to deal with it, and embrace the special moments with your family:

“Over the years you become aware that we have no control. Things happen without warning. We are not the perfect family. We don’t say ‘I love you’ every time we talk to each other. But we try not to take each other for granted. One regret is that you wish you had a few more moments to tell them you loved them.”

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