Katharine McPhee

Who Wore it Best? Katharine McPhee vs. Whitney Port

Posted by PZ on March 7th, 2011

Singer Katharine McPhee and reality star Whitney Port were both seen wearing the same Smythe camel coat, but who wore it best? Katharine wore the coat to an event in San Francisco. She added lace-up black ankle boots, a chunky scarf, a beige hat and black pants to the look. Whitney was spotted in the […]

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Who Wore it Best? Katrina Bowden vs. Katharine McPhee

Posted by PZ on December 29th, 2010

30 Rock actress Katrina Bowden and singer Katharine McPhee were seen wearing the same American Eagle military-inspired jacket, but which girl wore it best? Katrina was seen wearing the jacket while shopping in New York City. She wore it with a pair of jeans, knee-high riding boots and a tote bag. Katharine wore the same […]

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33 Celebrities Affected by Eating Disorders

Posted by Angela on May 11th, 2010

Those in the limelight are constantly under pressure to maintain their perfect bodies, and that pressure can lead to disastrous things. Many celebrities are rumored to have been affected by eating disorders, and several have even died from them. Luckily, there’s always rehab to stamp it out of their systems. Here are 33 celebrities who […]

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Katharine McPhee’s New and Not Improved Look

Posted by sparky on November 23rd, 2009

What has happened to Katharine McPhee?  In my humble opinion, she was beautiful, certainly the hottest American Idol contestant.  But look at her now.  Look at her bleached blond mommy haircut.  Look at her non-see through frumpy turtleneck.  And what’s with those dream catcher earings?  She’s still cute,  but, alas… Let’s forget this look and […]

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Katharine McPhee Goes Blonde

Posted by Whitney on October 13th, 2009

Katharine McPhee debuted a shorter, blonder and edgier look in her new music video Had It All. The 25-year old singer cut off her long brunette locks over a month ago in exchange for a messy pixie cut. Now McPhee is shaking the look up, and moving towards a more punk rock look, symbolic of […]

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Katharine McPhee, the New Neutregena Girl

Posted by Kim on March 26th, 2008

Katharine McPhee will be returning to our TV screens/magazine pages. The ex Idol just recently nabbed a deal with Neutregena to be the face of their line and she may have made over half a million from the deal. She shot the first commercial earlier this month and it should start airing on tv later […]

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Katharine McPhee’s Wedding

Posted by Kim on February 8th, 2008

I guess the rumors about Katharine McPhee not being able to sell her wedding pictures were false (and I’m not surprised that they were) because there’s currently a four page spread in People covering the ceremony. I didn’t even know she had Kellie Pickler as her bridesmaid, how cute! Source: CRB @ IdolForums.com

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The Newlyweds 2.0

Posted by Kim on February 4th, 2008

Hmmm, maybe Katharine McPhee and her new husband should be considered for a new season of that show?  Or maybe not.  The two are headed for their honeymoon as we speak.  Cute outfit.  And good luck. Source 

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Katharine McPhee Gets Dropped Too

Posted by Kim on January 9th, 2008

   Just a few days after Katharine McPhee fans acted sort of smug that she was still signed and Taylor Hicks had been dropped from his label, she (unsurprisingly) has been dropped as well.  RCA says she’s no longer on their roster and that “Katharine is going to record her next album on her own.”, […]

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Christmas In Washington

Posted by Kim on December 10th, 2007

 Good girl Vanessa Anne Hudgens hit the stage with  Katharine McPhee, Neyo, Colbie Callait and a bunch of other singers for TNT’s annual Christmas In Washington.  And in other news, Neyo is very infatuated with Katharine’s McTatas.

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Katharine McPhee, Probably Not Engaged

Posted by Kim on October 8th, 2007

A week or two ago I mentioned there was a rumor going around that Katharine McPhee got engaged. Well, probably not, because she’s not sporting a ring in the newest paparazzi pics. She is wearing a pretty cute dress though! And I’m also hearing that her debut CD is pretty much done, meaning no more […]

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Katharine McPhee Is Engaged

Posted by Kim on September 28th, 2007

  A couple of sources, including IMDB and OK! Magazine, are saying that Katharine McPhee got engaged to her 42 year old boyfriend Nick Cokas recently.  And apparently the two have been thinking about marriage for a while now.   Uh, that’s pretty much it, no other details.  We’ll see if these two make it […]

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Katharine McPhee Inks Another Movie Deal

Posted by Kim on September 21st, 2007

Katharine McPhee is already shooting one movie (House Bunny/I Know What Boys Like/Whatever) with another one waiting (Last Caller) and now she’s signed on to star in a third project, called “Success”.  The movie is an indie flick, and there aren’t many details right now but Katharine describes it as being “darker, it’s definitely hard […]

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Monthly Katharine McPhee Editorial Update

Posted by Kim on September 13th, 2007

Katharine McPhee, doing what she does best. I’d put this shoot right up there with her Vegas magazine spread; great theme and styling here! Source

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Katharine McPhee Gets InStyle

Posted by Kim on August 21st, 2007

Katharine McPhee shows off the fall trends in the new issue of InStyle magazine! I hate thedrawings in the background, but these clothes are cute, minus the wide leg pants. Makes me want to go shopping! Source

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Katharine McPhee Got Pregnant

Posted by Kim on August 15th, 2007

Okay, not really. She’s just sporting a fake belly or her role in “House Bunny”, the Adam Sandler comedy that also stars Ana Farris and Rumer Willis.  But it looks pretty real though, doesn’t it? Source 

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Untitled Anna Faris Project

Posted by Tiff on August 8th, 2007

Rumer Willis and Katharine McPhee, yes the girl from ‘American Idol’ are working on a movie so far titled, ‘Untitled, Anna Faris Project.’ The movie follows a Playboy bunny who is booted from the mansion, and she becomes a sorority House mother on a college campus. Rumer plays a girl who wears a back brace […]

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Katharine McPhee Performs at Six Flags

Posted by Kimberly on July 20th, 2007

 Katharine McPhee shows off a new trend while performing at Six Flags in Maryland…shoes that don’t exactly match.  If you look closely at the pics her (Louboutin?) heels match but the patterns are slightly different.  I think that’s kinda cool!  An she’s still sporting the henna for her role in the upcoming Adam Sandler film.  […]

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Katharine McPhee Poses For Another Magazine

Posted by Kimberly on July 18th, 2007

What else is new? This time it’s Cosmopolitan magazine, and it looks like they were going for a masculine vs. feminine theme with these pics; cool idea, much better than her overly photochopped Stuff pics. And she pulls off the short black nails pretty well, don’t you think? Source

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More On The Adam Sandler Project

Posted by Kimberly on July 13th, 2007

Katharine’s natural look at the premiere of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry sure won’t put her on the worst dressed list! My friend Liza sent me over some more info on that other Adam Sandler movie that I postedd a bit about yesterday. The movie is being written by the same writing team […]

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Katharine McPhee Teams Up With Adam Sandler

Posted by Kimberly on July 12th, 2007

  Why do I feel like I post something about her every five seconds?  Oh, probably because I basically do.  I read something about Katharine getting cast in a new Adam Sandler movie, and it looks like the rumors were true.  She’s nabbed a role in an as yet untitled film starring Anna Farris.  The […]

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Love Story Premiere

Posted by Kimberly on July 11th, 2007

Katharine McPhee’s video for her second single “Love Story” hits the net today. It looks like they managed to spend about $3 more on this vid then her last one, but I think that gold dress is more stunning than she is. Check it out below: [youtube v_Ptn1-OdRQ] By this time next year, she might […]

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Katharine McPhee, Ready For Mens Mags

Posted by Kimberly on July 3rd, 2007

  Us Magazine used an interesting tag line for this story…. “Katharine McPhee has entered the pose-on-a-men’s-magazine phase of her career.”  Heh, obviously they’ve been watching Katharine’s career the same way most of us media savvy folks have been and it’s really no surprise at all. Does anyone else think these pictures look really…weird?  Not […]

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Katharine McPhee Has A New Video

Posted by Kimberly on June 30th, 2007

First stills from Katharine’s new video for “Love Story”. I seriously hate that song (they should’ve released “Neglected” or even ” Open Toes”) but the whole showgirl vibe fits the song like a glove. And check out the red streaks in her hair….I’ve been saying this for a while, she needs an edgier look to […]

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